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Mental Health Services

Whether you’re seeking services for yourself, a loved one, or your community, you are in the most loving and playful place to do so.

A drama therapist prompts their client to use the stacking dolls to peel back layers of vulnerability. Photo by Jason Pitsilis
A drama therapist reflects the emotions they see in their client while embodying a role. Photo by Jason Pitsilis
Bailey Carter works with children aged 6+ on social skills, stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Adult Individual Therapy

Bailey has tried talk therapy as much as the next person, and they’ve found that it doesn’t work for their neurodivergent brain and people-pleasing tendencies. If this is you, creative arts therapy might be the gateway to unlocking more of yourself.


In sessions, we’ll curate a safer space where you can delve into your difficulties and integrate your body, mind, and strong emotions- this gives us lots to play with! Therapy doesn’t always have to be so serious.

Creative Arts Therapy Exploration

Intrigued but very lost as to what this looks like in practice? An Exploration is a great way to experience creative arts therapy without the commitment of entering into a therapeutic relationship. Bailey offers three types of explorations:

  1. Characters & roles you play in life

  2. Closest relationships & connections

  3. Hopes & grief

Which one calls your name?

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Kids often struggle to express themselves through words, which is why Bailey prioritizes play, creation, stories, and activities. Why limit them to just one way of communicating? Additionally, the structured opening and closing activities of each session give young ones routines they can take with them to help them self-regulate.

Bailey Carter has led many theatre classes and workshops for people of all abilities and ages.
Bailey Carter has run afterschool programs for at-risk children, as well as helping clinics set up their group services for children.
Bailey gives her clients art-based cards to look at and tell a story from their life. Photo by Jason Pitsilis

Trauma-Informed Drama & Improvisation Workshops

If you’re going to hire anyone to lead a workshop for your organization, it should be Bailey. With their 15+ years of theatre experience and a university education in psychology, they will make sure to include what you need covered and facilitate the process with care, safety, and accessibility at the forefront.

Mental Health Consulting

Looking for a creative to set up mental health services in your workplace? Bailey’s your gal. With experience in running mental-health-aware afterschool programs, emotional regulation workshops, conflict resolution programs, and contracts coordinating group services, they will go above and beyond to provide for your group.

Therapeutic Clubs

Using Developmental Transformations, Bailey facilitates Playfully Yours, an embodied and playful group aimed at stress reduction and fostering connection with other creative adults. Join the mailing list here!

Scream Club is a monthly gathering of folks who have something to scream about. After a short hike up Mount-Royal and a physical/vocal warm-up, the group screams for 60 whole seconds. Then we go home.

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