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Creative Arts Therapy with Bailey Carter, MA, CCC

Time to stop people-pleasing.

Let's take care of you.

If you're an anxious person with a talent for talk talk talking yourself in circles, creative arts therapy is for you. 

Therapy group participants play with scarves as a way to increase their playfulness and creativity. Photo by Jason Pitsilis
An art therapist and client work through anxieties and fear using line drawings. Photo by Jason Pitsilis

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Most of us don’t process the messy parts of our lives through words alone – we may use art, movement, play, storytelling, and visualization – and this is exactly what we do in my studio!


Using an integrated understanding of the different parts of ourselves through “role theory,” we can explore the depths of you together and help reform your identity by building characters, just like a heroic adventure.


Whether you’re a warrior feeling worn out from battling monsters, an artist feeling disconnected from your muse, or an outcast looking for a community of other weirdos, Creative Arts Therapy with Bailey Carter will help you tap into your best self through the process of creation. Read more about Creative Arts Therapy as a practice on the FAQ page!

Mental Health Services

A creative arts therapist listens to their client as they unpack how their trauma has influenced them. Photo by Jason Pitsilis
A therapy group exercise where they use an energy ball to find out what the group needs on that day. Photo by Jason Pitsilis
A child client draws their ideal world where there wouldn't be stealing. Photo by Jason Pitsilis

Individual Sessions for Adults

Groups and Workshops

Individual Sessions for Children

Contact Me

Visits to the office are by appointment only. Call or email to schedule a time to meet Bailey and see the space!

In-person in Montreal or online

360 Victoria Avenue, Westmount QC H3Z 2N4

Bailey Carter listens as a group participant uses a metaphor for how big their anxiety was during a difficult event. Photo by Jason Pitsilis
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